Regardless of the type of business you own, corporate events are a great way to motivate employees and retain top talent. When planning for a corporate event, there are a variety of factors you must take into consideration, including the type of entertainment that would be enjoyed by your staff, what is appropriate for your company, and anything that you feel may be offensive.

If your employees are eager to enjoy a night with their colleagues, use the following tips to help you decide which corporate entertainment ideas are best for your company:

Hire a Popular Musical Group

Hiring a local band that is a favorite among your team members is a great idea. To hire the right band, you need to find out what type of music suits your company best. It’s important to check out this corporate entertainment twitter page for more information!

Take a poll of the majority of your employees to get an insight into their musical tastes. You can then hire a great cover band and consult with them to see what songs are on their playlist. Combine a cover band with dinner and a great atmosphere, and you have yourself one of the best corporate entertainment activities you can get.

Hire a Comedian

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Comedians can light up any room you put them in. Take some of the stress away from your staff and hire a comedian to lighten the mood.

Get an idea of what type of jokes he or she likes to tell first. Many comedians might not be corporate appropriate, and hiring one without vetting them first can cause issues down the road.

Get a list of topics they discuss and see if that person fits your particular needs.

What Works Well Among Your Staff

Deciding what type of corporate entertainment agency to hire can be a headache, especially if you’re faced with popularity questions you can’t answer.

Put the questions to your employees to decide. They know what is popular, and can often have great opinions about what any potential guests would like as well. Often, the best corporate entertainment ideas can be motivational speakers or famous guests, and not musical groups.

If you have no idea what your guests or your employees would enjoy, ask around the office first.

Use One Service for Multiple Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Hiring multiple talented individuals from one agency is a great idea.

A corporate entertainment agency offers different types of talent because they need to meet the demands of various companies. Hire a motivational speaker, a comedian and a band all at once to perform at various times during the event. You can see this when you check out this great Corporate Entertainment Facebook Page.

This is an especially useful tactic for larger events with hundreds of guests because there is no way to poll each guest about their interests before they arrive.

Other Types of Guests

Other fun acts that might be great for your corporate event include a hypnotist, magician, dance group and more. If you really want to “wow” your audience and you have the budget to pull it off, you can hire multiple acts from a variety of categories and have them perform in separate rooms.

Involve Your Brand

If you want to provide a memorable corporate event for your guests while promoting your brand, incorporate your brand into the act. You can do this by having the CEO or another executive become involved and help entertain the guests. You can see example videos on this Corporate Entertainment YouTube Channel.

If you hire a comedian, provide the individual with some background information about executives with the company. This “roasting” event style has often been popular nationwide among consumers.

Always Get Testimonials

Have you found the perfect corporate entertainment agency for your event? The next step is to ask for referrals and testimonials from previous clients. This can help determine whether or not the act will be a good fit for your company and if they are reliable.